Glycan Biosciences LLC a product focused biotechnology company, has a proprietary carbohydrate-based chemistry platform to produce a novel class of new chemical entities (NCEs) called Glycanics. Glycanics uniquely can modulate multiple protein-protein interactions involved in inflammatory diseases. In addition, our technology allows tailoring of Glycanics to differentially modulate activity of multiple target proteins of interest. Glycan is internally developing a Glycanic for the orphan indication, Eosinophilic Esophagitis.


Glycan Biosciences LLC’s platform was originally developed by Deirdre Coombe and Warren Kett, then of Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia. Glycan Biosciences LLC is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA and maintains a research presence in Perth.


Glycan Biosciences LLC has built an intellectual property portfolio covering:

  • Glycanics manufacture;

  • Glycanic structures;

  • Glycanic binding-sites on target proteins; and

  • The application of Glycanics to specific diseases.


The Company has an experienced management team with broad expertise in technology and
product development.


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