Glycan Biosciences – Developing carbohydrate-based drugs


Glycan Biosciences LLC, a product focused biotechnology company, is establishing the foundation for a new class of compounds (Glycanics)
that address chronic inflammatory diseases by modulating the activity
of multiple key inflammatory proteins. Glycan views chronic inflammatory diseases from a systems biology perspective that indicates multiple pathways and a diversity of proteins involved in switching from “alert”
to “attack” mode.


The Company has taken inspiration from naturally occurring carbohydrates known as GlycosAminoGlycans, or GAGs, that are found throughout the body. GAGs interact with multiple proteins and influence many functions in biological systems. Glycan Biosciences’ chemistry platform, for the first time, enables manufacture of compounds mimicking GAGs that is scalable for commercial manufacturing. These compounds are chemically defined and are active against multiple protein drug targets (primarily cytokines and chemokines), which make them ideal therapeutics for “resetting” the system in inflammatory disease.

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